I'm a wife, mother and became a L&D, RN in 2015. Starting in 2019, I began making bouffant surgical scrub hats for myself and a few of the girls at work. Making hats gives me a self-care creative outlet and keeps me busy during Ohio’s cold winter months. Everyone loved the prints, designs and the fit of my hats better than others they had purchased elsewhere. I get a lot of patient compliments on how cute my hats are when I wear them at work and during the pandemic my hats became an important part of my uniform to help protect against the N-95 straps pulling on my hair.


I started an Etsy shop because my coworkers encouraged me to start making more hats to sell and I wanted to be able to reach a larger audience  to see the cute, fun and professional designs I've created. I've made over 200 sales on Etsy and many more sales to local healthcare heroes. I've now decided to try my own website where my hats are the star of the show and don't have to compete against other sellers for top posting.


All of the materials are hand picked by me. I take pride in handcrafting each one of my hats. They are not mass produced; but are handmade in small batches and listed for sale. If you have a particular print that you would like to see, please send me an e-mail and a special order can be discussed. Ribbon ties can be added to all of the bouffant hats to make a ponytail style hat (see ponytail ties photo gallery page.)

Thank you for checking out my designs and supporting my female owned, small business. I hope you love my designs as much as I do creating them for myself and for you.


To visit my Etsy shop where you can see reviews of my hats click on the Hats for Health Heros picture below.